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How do I avoid getting numb toes from wearing high heels?

Toe numbness is a sign that some unusual change is disrupting the normal feeling in the toes. Numbness can differ from person to person where in some cases, it is mild and subdued, but in the other severe cases, numbness can stay longer and become unavoidable. The sensation may also vary depending upon what the cause is. A feeling of numbness in the toes means:

-a tingling sensation

-a pin and needles sensation

-an inability to feel the touch, heat, and cold

Women’s dress sandals in this day and age are a fashion statement that has become more of a priority than just mere choice, the variations in the designer footwear collections have been tremendous. A surging trend for wearing sandals, heels, shoes, or slippers has been brought into our culture of getting dressed to match what the present day's fashion trends demand. The desire to adorn the utmost elegance and sophistication in the form of your footwear, though defining your fashion statement, has taken a toll on the toes, causing a lot of discomforts, pain, and restlessness. The article here explains how wearing a heel as your fashion footwear could cause a probable numbness in your toes and how to get rid of the same.

Tight enough to cause numbness in parts of the big toe

Be it the dress shoes, high heels, or sneakers, footwear that is tight enough to fit eventually causes numbness in parts of the big toe. Wearing tight high heels cut off the circulation in the toes due to unevenness in size and the width due to the foot getting placed wrongly onto the heel. Also laid is the network of blood vessels, nerves, and bones that get affected due to tightness. Morton's Neuroma is what happens when the nerves between the bones are inflamed. There is an immense amount of pain associated with a tingly feel and a pungent burning sensation that gives you a feeling like stepping on a pebble.

Ways to treat and prevent Morton's Neuroma

High heels being the main culprit for causing Morton's Neuroma results in women being 10 times more prone to it than men. Proving highly impacting as the tightness is, puts excessive pressure on the balls of your feet. The foot problem can also be caused due to narrow-toed loafers and ballet slippers. It's possible to avoid and even reverse Morton's Neuroma by taking good care of your feet. One of the ways is to switch immediately to the best women’s slippers. It is one way of preventing it and the others are listed below as suggestions:

1) Start wearing shoes with wide toe boxes and low heels

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Narrowed tight, fit shoes are the primary reason for Morton's Neuroma. Replace them with wide-toed ones. Start wearing shoes with wide-toe boxes and low heels. Avoid high-heeled shoes and opt for athletic footwear with simple padding to cushion your feet. When dressing for a party, switch to more snuggly fit low-heeled sandals that cushion your feet with less compression to the nerves, resulting in proper blood circulation to avoid numbness in the toe area.

2) Go for custom-made orthotics

Adhesive neuroma pads are designed to slip inside your footwear just under your forefoot. These are the prescription medications devised to correct biomechanical foot issues, treating your structural layout and posture when in motion. This might include how you walk, run or just stand. Orthotic inserts are available at drug stores, but it's always better to go with the custom-made versions.

3) Cold therapy works

Cold therapy assists in killing the irritation in the nerve cells by applying freezing temperatures to the affected area. The cold conditions interrupt the pain pathway, thereby subduing the pain. Additionally, they also work to counter the swelling done by reducing the blood flow through nerve constriction, with the vessels getting tightened.

4) Treat inflammation

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Inflammation is the first and foremost cause to be dealt with to fight any changes that take place in the blood vessels. Irritation, numbness, and tingling sensation can be treated by taking over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, giving yourself time to sit down, take your weight off your feet, icing, and massaging can give you much-needed relief from pain, swelling, and irritation. Sandals for women’s comfort are a major factor in treating the after-effects of this very severe problem.

5) Corticosteroid injections

The injection is a type of steroid medication a healthcare professional injects. The steroid medication injected directly acts upon the inflammation in the affected area. A person under the corticosteroid injection course should receive only a limited amount of dosage pertaining to the fact that it may also have side effects. 

Wear comfort and stay relieved

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Burning pain, numbness, prickling, tingling, or a sensation of something being inside the ball of the foot, the pain in any of these forms becomes physically more apparent when the person wears tight, narrow, high-heeled footwear. Engaging in activities that place excessive pressure on the foot may lead to symptoms that turn long-lasting. The problem can become so severe that affected individuals become anxious about walking or even placing their foot on the ground. Why reach that extent? Why not fight the thickening of the tissues, compression, and nerve inflammation way before the condition deteriorates? We have taken a step. You, too, should!