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How do I choose the best shoes for men?

Wearing good quality shoes helps you feel your best and prevent any possible injury. Men’s business shoes, men's work boots, hiking, lifestyle shoes, etc., there is a whole gamut to support a full range of motions. Your shoe choice can affect your whole body and not just your feet, so it becomes crucial to go for the right pair. This guide underlines the factors to let you shop for the right footwear for utmost performance and unparalleled flexibility, stability, and comfort.

1) No negotiation with the comfort level

We cannot avoid the comfort of wear while going for the best in style. Be it the regular or the occasional wear footwear, one needs to look beyond style and go for maximum comfort in the long run. A sturdy and snuggly fit is like wearing your skin, granting the utmost feel, flexibility and support. What becomes a comfort quotient however is a premium midsole design. The padding, sole and fit guarantee ideal support and the right cushioning and rebound. 

2) Flexibility is always a preference

Men's work and safety shoes, best men’s lifestyle shoes, or hiking boots for men, the shoe style and type may vary, but flexibility remains the first and foremost choice. The footwear should make you feel comfortable while running, walking or jogging long distances in a single stretch. With the shoe flexing at the same location as the foot, a thin and flexible sole allows your feet to roll on the ground properly, thus making them stronger. Get ready for a full-body workout by moving more naturally.

3) Lightweight is best

Looking for a lightweight design with extra shock absorption helps reduce the heel pain and burning sensation and preserve the tenderness under the ball of your foot. On the contrary, chunky and heavy shoe designs let you apply more effort in performing any physical activity regularly. The shoe tends to become still and inflexible, thus disrupting your natural stride. A bulky design might ruin the efficacy, overall body posture and stability and thus destroy your comfort levels.

4) Apt cushioning and support

The best men's shoes grant optimum cushioning and support during walking, running or jogging. Highly cushioned and compliant shoes compress under the foot during the ground contact. A better shoe cushioning compresses well and thus acts as a hefty shock absorber with the amount of padding under the foot helping reduce the impact forces on the body's joints. All in all, the role of cushioning is to relieve the strain on the lower half of the body.

Consider different factors for different shoe types

For a streetwear athletic look:

mens work boots

men's lifestyle shoes category offers bold choices with streetwear-inspired looks ranging from more athletic and outdoorsy to cozy and casual shoe choices. Get a glimpse of some of the best from a very beautiful men's lifestyle shoe collection:

Stark Shoes
Hush Puppies Modern Work Lace For Men
Caterpillar Men's Electroplate Leather Sneakers

2) For a more professional look altogether


Get more professional shoes at affordable prices at Team Sport. A wide range of shoe collections is available to bloom and blossom your business-oriented personality. Here's a highlight of what we have under the
men’s business shoes category:

Caterpillar Men's HOLTON SB E FO HRO SRC
Hush Puppies Men's Venture Shoes

3) Safety shoes built for performance 

Shop men's safety toe work boots and safety shoes, such as waterproof boots and steel toe work shoes built for performance. The best under men’s work and safety shoes include:

Caterpillar Colorado Sport for Kids
CAT Colorado Men’s Boot

4) Boots for an all-day comfort

Shop for work and casual boots for men that feature the latest in boot technology. These are authentic boots engineered with high quality for guaranteeing an all-day comfort. Some of the best under this category include:

Men's Davis Chukka Boot
Hush Puppies Men's Ellie Boots

Get what best fits your need Shoes help your feet heal and grant the necessary support and stability during any movement. Buying your perfect pair from amongst the best men's shoes helps you align your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back to improve the overall body posture and performance. Your efficiency while at work, play, gym, etc., depends entirely on a properly fitting footwear that provides the right: Adjustment: depending on an individual's need

Stability: the overall body posture and movement 
Room: to let you perform your physical activity flexibly and in style
Comfort: should fit snug but not tight
Support: to fit well with a greater assist during a hop, skip or a jump Shop for the pair that best fits your need!